About the project - OnMap.uz

The OnMap.uz website is your reliable assistant in finding the most favorable dollar, euro, ruble to soum exchange rate in banks Uzbekistan today. Our service provides up-to-date information on exchange rates in real time collected from banks, ATMs and bank mobile applications.

But that's not all we offer! Use our Telegram bot, which will help you quickly find nearest exchange offices by geolocation and select the nearest exchanger by area and landmark. This ideal way to save your time and money!

OnMap.uz is not just a site with information about exchange rates. We strive to provide our users the most useful service that will allow them to make smart financial decisions. Use our website and Telegram bot to always be aware of the most favorable exchange rates in banks of Uzbekistan.

Don’t waste time searching for the most favorable exchange rate - use OnMap.uz and get the latest information at any time of the day or night.