Faq — Frequently asked questions

How can I buy foreign currency (US dollars) in cash?

There are two methods available for purchasing foreign currency (US dollars) in cash. The first is to visit an exchange point located in a commercial bank or its branch. The second method is to use an ATM if such a service is provided by the bank.

To purchase currency exceeding $100 (US dollars) at an exchange point, you need to present an identity document such as a passport, identification ID card, new model driver's license, or military ID.

Are there any restrictions on purchasing US dollars?

Currently, there are no restrictions on purchasing foreign currency. However, it's worth noting that when purchasing through ATMs, the maximum transaction amount is limited to $100 USD. Additionally, when purchasing currency at an exchange point for an amount exceeding $100 USD, identification documents are required.

Can I buy dollars using a Uzcard or Humo debit card?

Yes, you can. Payment for dollars can be made both in cash and non-cash methods, including using bank debit cards.

How often are the exchange rates updated?

We provide up-to-date exchange rates that are updated three times a day and correspond to official data from the websites of commercial banks. The rates are updated daily at 08:55, 09:10, 09:35, 11:15, and 15:15. During periods of significant currency volatility, updates occur more frequently.

What is currency conversion?

Currency conversion is the process of exchanging or transferring the currency of one country into the currency of another country. This process enables travel to other countries, trading with foreign companies and firms, as well as purchasing goods from foreign online stores.

What are the exchange rates in the banks of Tashkent, Uzbekistan?

Your website provides a direct answer to the question about the exchange rates in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. You offer links to the current exchange rates for:

Visitors can compare and purchase currency at the most advantageous rates in Uzbekistan through your platform. Additionally, you update the exchange rates three times a day to ensure they reflect the latest data from commercial banks accurately. Your website also conducts analysis on currency rates and provides average currency rates in Uzbek banks based on recent data. Overall, it seems like a valuable resource for individuals seeking currency exchange information in Uzbekistan.

What is a cross rate?

A cross rate is the ratio of the value of two currencies, which is determined based on their exchange rates relative to a third currency. This calculation allows you to determine the exchange rate between two currencies for which direct exchange rates are not established.

For example, if we want to find out the exchange rate of the Croatian Kuna to the Uzbekistani Som, we can use cross rates. To do this, we need to know the exchange rates of the Kuna to the US Dollar (USD/HRK) and the US Dollar to the Som (USD/UZS). After that, by dividing the second rate by the first one, we can determine the exchange rate of the Som to the Kuna.

What types of exchange rates are there?

Official: set by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan. This rate is updated weekly. As of March 28, 2024, the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan for the US dollar to the sum is 1$ = 12,600.14 sum.

Commercial rate: set by commercial banks based on market conditions. It is used for transactions with the population and commercial organizations.

Black market (bazaar or Market): unofficial rate that has developed in the parallel market. The use of the black market in Uzbekistan is prohibited by law.

Exchange: The currency exchange rate on the REBC is established based on supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. During trading on the exchange, buyers and sellers offer prices for currency, and the rate is formed based on agreements between trading participants.

The REBC rate is one of the main currency exchange rates in the Republic of Uzbekistan, used for regulating currency transactions, settlements in foreign markets, and other financial operations.

What is the current exchange rate of the dollar on the black market?

Trading foreign currency on bazaars is prohibited by law. All transactions within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan must be carried out in the national currency. You can find the official dollar exchange rate on our website.

What is the purpose of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan's exchange rate?

Every week, the Central Bank sets the exchange rate, which is the average of the exchange rates fixed on the currency exchange during the previous week. This rate is used for accounting, compiling statistical and other reports on currency transactions, as well as for calculating customs and other mandatory payments within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Where do these exchange rates come from?

We provide up-to-date exchange rates that are updated 5 times a day and are sourced from the official websites of banks in Uzbekistan.

How to find the nearest currency exchange point or where to exchange currency?

You can use the Telegram Bot: https://t.me/onmapuzbot, which helps to find the nearest currency exchange points with favorable rates. It will show the location of the point directly on the map.

Where can I find ATM addresses?

To find ATM addresses, you can refer to the official websites of banks or use mobile applications, which usually contain information about the location of ATMs. You can also use search engines or maps that can show you the nearest ATMs of the required bank.

Can I find out the exchange rate of the dollar / euro for the past year?

Information on the exchange rates of the dollar and euro is available on our website in the archive, starting from 2018. Additionally, we also provide information on the ruble exchange rate from 2023.

Why do you have to pay commissions for old currency?

In the process of accepting old (worn-out, damaged, stained, etc.) currency, banks may charge commissions. This is normal because banks have their own specific expenses. When banks accumulate a large amount of old currency, they exchange it for new banknotes. In this case, the expenses include:

  • The supplying bank charges a commission.
  • The bank pays customs expenses.
  • The bank pays transportation expenses.

How is the official exchange rate of the Sum determined or how is the currency exchange rate established?

According to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on currency regulation, operations involving the purchase and sale of foreign currency within the territory of Uzbekistan are conducted at the exchange rate of the national currency to foreign currency, which depends on the demand and supply for foreign currency. The level of demand and supply in the currency market and changes in the exchange rate of the national currency depend on various factors, including the economic condition of the country, balance of payments, and external trade balance.

Why can the currency exchange rate in ATMs differ from the rate in exchange offices?

Most ATMs do not handle coins and only dispense banknotes, starting from the lowest denomination - 1000 sums in the case of Uzbekistan. This means that if a customer needs change less than 1000 sums, the ATM will not be able to provide it. This can lead to a difference of up to 100 sums between the exchange rate in the exchange office and the rate set in the ATM.

ATMs accept old and partially damaged banknotes; however, the sensitivity to the condition of the currency leaves much to be desired. A commission of up to 20% may be charged for exchanging such banknotes in an exchange office, depending on their condition. Banks take into account the weight of expired and damaged banknotes, which increases the cost of servicing the accepted banknotes and affects the exchange rate set in the ATM.